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Custom art and cremation jewelry made with love

Custom art and cremation jewelry made with love

Custom art and cremation jewelry made with love Custom art and cremation jewelry made with love

Nancy M. Muskegon MI

 I have received so many compliments from my memory stone made in memory of my husband.  They are something you can keep close to your heart and have made in any color and size you want.  

KB-Energy Worker , Fruitport MI

 The memory stones that Jodi creates from the ashes of the transitioned are  wonderful personal keepsakes.  They not only remind us of our soulfilled connection, they are also energetically supportive.  Each stone is original and a "work of art" to look at as well.  I will allways hold these stones close to my heart as a memory of my dearly departed.   

Benjamin O. 10 yrs old -New Hampshire

 Dear Jodi,
I love the neckless  and it is so close to my heart, sometimes it  makes me cry but I'm O.K. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
Ps. my mom kind wants a Nicky neckless too and again thank you soooooooooooooooooooo
oooooooooooo much . 

Sheri K. Muskegon

 When my Father passed away in 2007, I was given ashes for me to keep. When I was ready, I had memory stones made for each of my sister's and also a necklace for my Mother. Mine is hanging from my mirror in my car and it is so beautiful, it reminds me everyday of the love that we had for each other. The memory of my father will never be gone but having a beautiful piece that is a part of him, eases my pain of the loss. With the memory stone my father always gets to be with me taking a road trip everywhere I go, that was something he really enjoyed in his life and now his life after.
Thank You,Jodi 

Allison from Maryland

I love that it has the cobalt blue-reminds me of the beautiful blue skies in Santa Cruz where Buttons had so much fun. I love the other colors that remind me of the light of sunset shimmering on the wet sand as Buttons and I walked the beach every sunset we could.
Nadine M. Rosin author of "The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood"

"I would like to say I LOVE the amazing work that Jodi does! She had made two different items for me for to give as gifts for friends who have lost there beloved dogs and they are amazing. The time she takes to find out what you want and the extra little details is wonderful and makes it all the more special . She has a variety of different items to help you make the perfect piece for your pet !! If you are looking for a great art work made with love and care look no further for here it is "  

Christine Mahaney Professional dog trainer and Studio set trainer

 Jodi is a true artist with a keen sense of taking a part of your life and keeping your precious memories alive. Thank you Jodi, my boys are with me daily.  

Jill S. Massachusetts

 We received the stones today.  They are so beautiful!  The star came out just like the drawing.  I know it was not easy and appreciate your effort and talent in making it come to life.  The heart is also more than I could have hoped for.    These are precious stones like little jewels that are the perfect way to honor the beautiful soul of our Champ  I thank you for your care and compassion through out the whole process.  It was such a pleasure to work with you. Eternally grateful!

Joan H.

Thank you so much for the memory stone you made for my little "peanut". Your work is true art. No two are the same. The first one you made for me for Churchill is so totally different than this one for Eternity (our peanut). Thank you so much for the love and care you put into each of the stones. 

Sandi Z.

 I cannot put into words how beautiful this is and how respectfully our boy was treated in making these. WONDERFUL remembrance and WONDERFUL treatment in the whole process from discussion to end product. These are very special ... and I cannot thank Jodi enough!!!!  

Makes my heart smile when I can help someone hold happy memories close. This is a note I received for the stone show below: 

Kathy S.

"Zorro...you are forever in my heart and now you are forever next to my heart. In this beautiful memory stone lies a snippet of your mane and tail. The stone captures your distinctive white blaze and is the fiery color of your coat when the sun danced upon it. I miss you every day!     
Thank you Jodi Jarvis-Therrian for this unique way to honor my horse."