There is no death, only a change of worlds.
Chief Seattle
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Honoring the memories of your loved ones in a beautiful way


The passing of a loved one or a pet can leave such an emptiness . I have unfortunately experienced this emptiness and wish to help others who have too. To help bring peace and keep the loved ones memories close to our heart in a beautiful way, I use a small portion of the loved ones' ashes, hair or fur and fuse them with fine quality glass.

Together you and I can design a  one of a kind pendant, pocket stone, suncatcher, keychain,shadow or jewelry box , golf ball marker and more.
All ashes or remains are handled with the utmost care and respect.
Please feel free to go to the Contact us page with any questions.
To shop for premade generic art Please see me at




Suncatchers can be made from some sillhouettes
and certain shapes such as the shepherd head

These also have ashes or hair inside



Pendants made to resemble the shape on Toby's back, the beautiful dog in the below photo.

Sun catcher above made from the marking on the horse's head in the


"Broken heart rainbow bridge pendant , the heart is to represent the love for our fur friends , the crack is obviously for how it breaks our heart when they go , the rainbow color is to represent the rainbow bridge where we know they will go and be happy and pain free until we see them again"

Above are samples of some of the sun catchers available to be made. If there is a specific memory or style you would like me to design please ask. Together we can design a memory stone that represents your unique memories.

KEEPSAKE BOXES . Customize your own colors and /or select a shape to be inlayed in the stone too :) Boxes available in many sizes up to 6 x6 inches . Ashes or hair of a loved one can be fused in the in the glass at the top of the box.

This NEW shadow box lets you display your special designed stone anywhere to fill your heart with special memories everyday

Key chains in choice of colors

Nite lights

New Custom Frames.


NEW - Hand painted custom photos. Ashes or fur can be added to painting with love upon request. Honoring life in a special unique way ♥

Paw print made from pattern traced from photo of the kitty's paw.

This is a sun catcher that I made from this photo of our Cheyenne looking into the horizon . Her ashes are in the heart at the bottom right . It helps me to look at this,feel her in my heart and think she is fishing in that sunset at the rainbow bridge . If you have special memories like this to create I would be happy to help you custom design a beautiful memory.


Click here to go to Amazon for my book. Thank you!!
OR if you email you can order this way, save on shipping and donate to my animal charity of the month.
My hope is this book can help heal hearts, make you laugh and know for certain that others love their animals as much you do !

 With all my heart, I believe that our pets come to this earth to teach us our greatest lessons and help us through the rough spots. I would like to share some of the wisdom passed on to me by the amazing animals that are present and have passed through my life. The wisdom they have shared with me is a true gift I hope to share with you. This wisdom comes in many forms of laughter, joy, heartbreak and above all unconditional love. These are stories of not only the lives of furry friends that have affected my life; there are also stories of other precious furry lives from people far and wide. I have included each story in the form as it was submitted to me, each very different, special, and unique, like the precious lives they honor. Included are photos showing furry friends and also memories made into loving art, portraying a special story or memory. Some of these animals are still with us in this world and their fur was added to the piece of art work, and some are in the next world and may have ashes or fur lovingly added inside to honor their special lives with love. This is my mission, this is my life, HONORING ALL WALKS OF LIFE WITH LOVE, and thanking them with my whole heart for sharing their wisdom. This book is my gift of love to honor them.

To help your heart heal or if you are struggling with knowing your pet may soon heading to the next world please feel free to read these blog posts:
If you are an animal lover or have recently lost a pet , there is info that may be of interest on the  "About Us" page.
 A portion of all the proceeds go to animal organizations.

"To see more photos and get updates, go to my facebook page and "like " it

I do this in loving memory of
my angels Kashmir and Cheyenne.

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